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Websites today do not stand still. They are ever evolving, ever expanding, and require constant attention to function in the rapidly changing web environment. If you don’t keep up with the pace, you could be subject to outside attacks, drops in search rankings, loss of website content, and even a loss in business. We help keep you up to date by providing managed web services for your site.

A la Carte Services

Pick and choose what you need for your site. Our range of services let you customize exactly what you need help or assistance with. Upgrade, downgrade, add, or remove services as you please through your account page after registration and purchase of services.

Cloud Storage

  • $40 / mo.
    ₩55k / mo.

  • World-class Amazon S3 Backup
    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is the worlds leader in web storage technology boasting superior security, speed, and management.
  • Top of the line backup tool
    We utilize one of Wordpress' most used backup tools making it easy to schedule backups automatically, and the ability to roll back if any problems occur.
  • Managed by us, accessible by you
    We take care of all the backup settings, syncing to Amazon, and scheduling. You also always have access to all of your backups should you need it.

Maintenance & Updates

  • $265 / mo.
    ₩300k / mo.

  • Wordpress core version updates
    We provide careful Wordpress core updates to your site and ensure functionality remains consistent. With complex themes, even a Wordpress update can cause issues with an existing site and potentially break functions if not done properly.
  • Core & 3rd Party Plugin Updates
    Many themes include built-in plugins which need to be updated synchronously with each theme update. The process of updating core plugins can pose issues if not done correctly.

    Additionally, we provide updates for 3rd party plugins not included with the core theme. Some of these plugins are also owned by us (through developer licenses), which can require certain access codes and update procedures.
  • Aesthetics & Touch Ups
    There are times you need to swap a color, move a button a few pixels, change a header image, update a users profile, or any number of small tasks that need to be done on on your site. Don't worry about being charged an hourly fee for a 5-minute job. We'll handle these tasks (*within reason) so you can focus on the big stuff.

Content Optimization

  • from $175 / mo.
    ₩235k / mo.

  • Content Formatting
    Writing content for news posts and updates for your site seems easy, however sometimes the content doesn't turn out how you thought it would. We analyze your post content, then using special codes built-in to your theme, optimize it to look pretty, act responsive, add animations, highlight special features, or any other requests you may have. (See example here)
  • Image Formatting
    Uploading images that are too big can slow down your site big time! We will analyze the images uploaded to your posts, optimize them for speed, and will also add any effects you may want (animated, color changes, overlays, etc.).
  • Deep SEO Editing
    Deep SEO means that once a week, we will go through your content and new posts to personally read, edit, and optimize your content to rank higher in search engines. All edits will be saved in drafts, and nothing will be published until you say "GO!"

Support Buddy

  • $95 / mo.
    ₩130k / mo.

  • Host Communication
    Let us deal with your hosting company. Sometimes problems occur that are unrelated to your site itself and it's the hosting company with the problem. Instructions from them can sometimes be very technical, so let us handle it, and you can sit back and relax.
  • Server Resources
    If your site is ever expanding, there's times where you may need to add resources to your server. We can analyze the current state of your site, make recommendations for upgrading, and carry out the upgrade for you if necessary.
  • Domain Changes
    Having this will allow us to change your domain name, should you choose to do so. Maybe you want multiple domain names, maybe you want to change your domain name altogether. We can assist with all issues regarding your domain and any transfers or re-directs.

A Little Extra

All clients receive the following benefits regardless of which service or package you receive from us. This allows all our clients to manage their services easily and receive the best support possible.

User Account

A user account to track orders, payments, invoices, and other account activity.

Site & Service Info

Keep track of sites that you have services attached to, add/remove services, upgrade or downgrade.

Monthly Reports

Once a month, you will receive a report detailing updates, backups taken, custom work, and other activity.

One-Off Services

There are some features of a site that only need to be taken care of once. Whether it’s a service installation, website upgrade, or security enhancements, we’ll take care of it.

Just add it to your cart, specify your site details, and let us take care of the rest.

  • ____
  • $150.00usd.
  • Secure Site/User Info
    An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate will ensure the integrity of your site and user information. Customers of your site will feel more secure, and more comfortable using our site if they see that their information is protected by SSL.
  • SEO Improvement
    Google search ranking algorithms now place a priority on sites that utilize SSL, which means higher rankings for your site. Don't miss out on getting that top spot because you don't have SSL installed!
  • Speed Upgrade
    On some hosting providers, HTTP2 is now available for you to take advantage of, but SSL is a requirement. HTTP2 should provide a significant speed boost for your site, and thus another fantastic reason to have SSL installed on your site.
  • ____

  • ____
  • $150.00usd.
  • Speed Upgrade
    A CDN (Content Delivery Network) spreads your site content out between several servers all over the world to deliver content faster, no matter where your customers are viewing your site from.
  • Additional Security
    CDN providers also offer an additional layer of security for your site that can help prevent DDOS attacks, spam attacks, false user registrations, and much more.
  • Caching Optimization
    The heart and seoul of a CDN provider is delivering your site content cached. This speeds up your site significantly, thereby reducing page load time, boosts SEO scores, and provide a better user experience for visitors.
  • ____

Need custom website work?

We provide a standard hourly rate to cover a wide range of website needs.

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₩80k / hour

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